Moving and such
1 minute read

It’s been a while since I blogged, mostly due to Karianne and I moving to Oslo. The move itself was fairly painless with about thirty boxes plus assorted single parts such as seven computers, Karianne’s and my desks. Some furniture is still left in Trondheim so the flat isn’t completely empty when people are coming to see it. We’ll pick that up in late August or beginning of September.

vawad decided that she was lonely and stopped working once I left the city. Tickling her when we dropped by didn’t seem to help so I went to Trondheim yesterday (by plane), then took her on the train to Oslo. She’s now humming happily along in the offices of She needs a little bit of reconfiguration so mail and all floats nicely to my inbox.

We’re going to debconf tomorrow, so today will be a tad busy, but I’m so looking forward to meeting all the crazy Debian people again

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