Cleaning, cleaning, fixing, cleaning
1 minute read

I spent a few hours yesterday cleaning up stuff. The windows are now possible to see through, which is a nice bonus. The balcony is clean again, at least as clean as it gets with just one sponge worn out. Standing half-crouched in the window sill for half an hour made my legs really stiff today, but I guess that’s the price I’m paying for nice and mostly-clean windows.

Today, Karianne and I fixed the terrarium the gerbils live in to have a proper wall separating them (made out of about 1cm pine, should take them a bit to get through. I also fixed the balcony door, where the door handle had been more or less unusable for at least a few weeks. A new one was easily installed and seems to work fine. Yay.

All in all, pretty tiring, but also very satisfying when I get the results and everything looks nice and works well.

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