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Magni asks the question: “How does one actually find new friends?”. I think this is a very interesting question, even though I don’t really have any good answer.

I tend to be part of a lot of different environments: Debian, Samfundet, PVV, Ubuntu, IDI, and probably a bunch more. This makes me get in touch with a lot of people. Most will only ever end up as aquitances and “people I know”. Some are interesting and end up as friends. I have very different relationships with my friends though. Some are people I talk to more or less every day – on IRC or in person. Some are people whom I can talk to twice a year, but once we talk, we open up and get up-to-date which usually takes half an hour or a bit more. I enjoy those people a lot and some of them are actually my best friends, it’s just that we don’t talk too often due to living in different cities.

It’s a bit weird how different different relationships are. It’s also a mystery how they happen, to me it seems like they suddenly pop into existence and then feels like they’ve been there forever.

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