FOSDEM, day one
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We arrived at the FOSDEM campus after a public transport switch from the subway to a tram. The whole trip took about thirty minutes. Met a bunch of people I already knew, which was nice, as always. I talked a bit with Paul Sladen and a sales representative from a company doing Linux-based access points. Very nice hardware, based off an ARM system mostly everything on a chip: five-port switch (with two MACs), flash (4MB) and RAM (32MB) controllers. Also, it had a PCI bridge which meant a bunch of other useful stuff could be hooked up. On the version I looked at, there was a USB controller and two Mini-PCI slots. Very nice, and it wasn’t too expensive either.

Later in the day, I listened to a “how to release Debian” talk by Andreas Barth and an emDebian talk by Wookey. Walked around a bit more and talked with some debian-uk people, including Matthew Garret who wanted me to read through his platform. Interesting stuff.

The wireless network was really sucky, so talking with Karianne on IRC wasn’t too easy. We chatted for a bit and though we both miss each other, we’re having fun.

In the evening, we got out and ate dinner with (again) some debian-uk people. Very nice meal, good disussions and wine. Ended up on a pub which closed sillily early (midnight). Walked a bit more around, got into a few places which were just noisy and so headed home.

In total, it was a nice day with some silly walking around and waiting, but I didn’t mind.

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