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Life has been busy lately. Lots of time goes into getting my thesis started. I now have a build daemon working, so I can build packages a bit more automatically. I’m a bit behind schedule, but I have put in some extra allowance for that, so it should be ok.

Last Saturday, Karianne and I were at Magni’s and Anders’ where we had some excellent lasagne for dinner. Sat around until about midnight before we walked home. A nice and quiet evening. Karianne was quite tired when we got home and we argued a bit, which was silly of both of us.

Yesterday and today has been spent hacking on the build daemon, and I think I have everything working properly now, and I’ll get going with building a small-scale test implementation of the multiarch system.

The jigsaw Karianne and I are laying is coming closer to an end, and I think we have about 60% of the pieces laid in the right places. That means a lot more than 60% of the work is done, though. I’ll put up lots of pictures once we’re done.

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