Working and dancing again
1 minute read

I’ve been surprisingly efficient the last few days. glibc was fixed yesterday. Binutils today, hopefully gcc tomorrow. I also managed to spec a new machine so I have something to both develop on and actually test my multiarch implementation when the time comes for that.

Orkla Media, a large media company bought 35% of recently. This won’t mean any change for the company per se, it’s more that we (the owners) get a bunch of money out of the company and we will be better prepared to tackle bigger challenges. We have a press release out (in Norwegian only).

I was dancing tonight. I’m so out of shape it’s entirely not funny. It was fun to dance, though, and actually move my body, which is something I haven’t done in a while. It’s still Lindy 1, which is now fairly easy and I should at least join Lindy 2 as well. Hopefully trying that next Tuesday.

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