One down, one to go.
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Woke up early, went to Trondheim Spektrum, where all the different exams were. We met Anders and Jorunn on their way to work and studying just outside Trondheim Spektrum, where the exams are held. After scanning a few boards with the different exams listed on them, I discovered that “Management of Large Data Volumes” wasn’t listed at all. I was told the exam was in the evening, not in the morning, so I went up to Samfundet and sat there for the most of he day. Hacked together an ITK/Samfundet gdm theme. I don’t have much graphical talent, but I enjoy playing with colors, shapes and trying to make it look good. It ended up looking good-ish at least. I had an exam in the middle there. Went ok-ish, but I don’t have any really big hopes.

Got home fairly late, played a bit more around with my nxd, which can now accept connections. I need to rip libxcomp apart since it’s amazingly bad strucutured. Will be fun. Karianne wanted to test out VoIP, so she installed some VoIP client and I called her up. Worked perfect.

So, it’s been a fun day. Now I need to concentrate on my next exam, which is on Friday. (And which is my last exam at NTNU.)

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