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So.. Karianne and I was on a vacation in Venice. Really nice, we got to see the whole city of Venice as we criss-crossed across it for some days. We both got fairly tired with a bit of sore feet as well, but it was well worth it. The city is pedestrian (and boat) only, no cars, and though there didn’t seem to be any rules against bikes, we didn’t see many. I guess it doesn’t make much sense, with bridges and really narrow alleyways, though.

We ate a ton of pizza, shopped ‘till we dropped and generally had a good time. We also met up with Stine, a friend of ours studying there this year. Just before we left for Venice, I got a mail from David Welton, a Debian Developer living in Venice, so we managed to meet up and both exchange GPG fingerprints and have a drink. (Spritz, a local custom, but fairly good, not horrible like local customs often are.)

A small, short trip to Verona fit into our plans, though I only just dare say we were there, as we more or less ran through the place, being in a bit of a hurry. The whole vacation was nice, it will still take a little while to digest, but I had a good time, and so did Karianne. Travel home was tiresome, as usual.

Today, I’ve been catching up with mail, doing a bit of project work and trying to be productive at Samfundet, unfortunately without success. Got home not too late after having skipped dancing, something I regret a bit now. Trying to get firefox to understand that it should use Norwegian rather than English is far less fun than dancing.

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