Life, in general
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It’s been a while since I’ve actually blogged about my life. Not too surprising, given that a lot of stuff is happening at the moment, and I’m struggling to keep up with myself.

Karianne and I are getting closer and closer. It feels so good. We are talking about buying somewhere to live together, in Oslo, next year, so we’ll have to start looking at some point. Will be nice and fun and I’m looking forward to the process.

As I wrote, I’m very busy – busy with Canonical and Ubuntu, busy with, busy with random other projects (including a art project for a guy whom I worked for in a class this spring) and, as always, Samfundet. I try to make sure I see people, not just Karianne, but others as well, though it’s sometimes hard to fit people into the schedule.

I’m really looking forward to the vacation in Venice with Karianne next week – I’ve never been to Italy before. Also, my body craves for a vacation now.

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