Busy, busy, busy
1 minute read

Been busy all week, with my first lecture held on Tuesday (it went really well, so I’m happy about that.) Squashing bugs in Ubuntu, usually keeping my bug list at 1-2 bugs, which I consider good. I’ve also been able to fix a lot of bugs in my packages in Debian. Been sleeping too little, so Karianne is a bit worried about me, but I’m doing fairly fine. Need to sleep and rest a bit in the weekend, but that should be doable.

Karianne went to Oslo today, and as I was about to jump on my bike my front tire went flat. I took the opportunity to call Ingvild, so we talked for a while while I walked home. When I got home, I fixed the tire, will have to take it a bit careful tomorrow until the tire is fixed.

Ended up hanging out on IRC, fixing a bit more bugs until too late in the evening.

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