Post offices
1 minute read

So, woke up this morning and as I had gotten a piece of paper saying I had a package waiting for me at the post office, I decided to drop by there on my way to the university. When it was my turn, it turned out my package wasn’t at the post office at all, since my local “post office” is now my local supermarket. Sigh. I got a bit angry as this is the tenth time or so they have changed what my “local post office” is. (It’s been the kiosk at Solsiden, then the main Post Office, then back and forth between those for a while, then for some reason a shop which isn’t too far from me, but which I had no idea existed (Bunnpris Møllenberg), then finally the main Post Office.) It wouldn’t have been so bad if they still had said where I was going to pick the package up, as they used to.

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