Fun and friendships
2 minutes read

I was out dancing last night. Big party, lots of people, fairly decent-sized dance floor. I happened to meet up with Tale, an old-time friend of mine. We danced a bit and talked and had a lot of fun. It’s good when you meet friends like that. Some other random guy seemed to have a hit on her and refused to let her go when she wanted to go home. Time after time. In addition, he was a lousy dancer and a drunk one too. I tried to rescue her a few times, which gave me a few extra dances, so that was good, but she didn’t manage to slip away. I find it sad to see situations like that, where he didn’t get the point, and the result was she not having a good time dancing with him.

My friendship with Karianne is developing. It has been some time since I’ve had such a friendship, and it is very nice to see how it develops. She’s a great girl, intelligent and nice to talk to, so we are spending hours each day talking mostly on IRC. I realize how important it is to develop new friendships and get to know different people. People view the world in different ways, people think about most things in various ways, and it’s fun and exciting to learn to know the ways.

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