Life sucks
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My girlfriend and I broke up a little before Christmas. After the Christmas vacation, I had a feeling about her and a guy I know (not a friend, an acquintance, if that much). Today it seemed like I was right. I am fairly good at reading people and predicting what happens long before it does. I think the trick is to listen to what people don’t say, not only what they are saying.

Anyhow, this is a quite short time since, so I don’t feel well at all now, I just hope my life will stop being such a bumpy ride and calm down a little. I’m also hoping that this is the bottom and that things will begin improving again. I feel miserable and am beginning to be angry at myself for letting this influence me so much and for feeling sorry for myself.

So, if you are reading this and know me in real life, I’d appreciate a little support and forgiveness for the coming days. I’ll try to be nice to everybody and such, but I’m not sure I can or will.

I’m not angry at Hanne. I wish her happiness and that things in life will go well for her. I just feel awfully sad right now.

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