tired, eventful week
1 minute read

It’s Friday, and for once I’m really, really glad it is. I got back from Åre on Wednesday night, helped a bit out with the server compromise. Worked more on it on Thursday. Also, yesterday, I got an A in the customer driven project from last fall, so I went out to celebrate with Bjørn Ove and Stein Magnus. It was fun, we talked a lot and had a good time. Lots of beer.

I felt that beer this morning, when I was awoken by the alarm clock at 0700. Got to the lecture only ten minutes late. Was tired, so I went down to Samfundet after the lecture. We got a pile (yes, a pile. 9 of them) of machines. Three will be used for digitizing music, two for LDAP server and KDC, hopefully. The rest will be used as workstations or something.. Fairly nice machines as well: Pentium III with 128MB RAM and 10GB disk.

I’m tired, but I have to work until three tonight or thereabout, so we’ll see how this works out. I’ll live through it, I guess. :)

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