Spring weekend
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Karianne is in Trondheim this weekend, for a LARP. This means I get to spend time on whatever I feel like and schedule however I like, which is nice. I was at my mother’s on Thursday, trying to fix something when an old friend, Alexander, called. He was just trying out video calls, but I asked him if he wanted to have a beer on Saturday. I was planning to have dinner with Øystein and Ingvild on Friday, but they cancelled and Alexander happened to ask if I wanted to join him and a few friends from the Aikido club at the university, so I did. Odin joined in too and charmed everybody. He was quite tired (but so was I too) when we got home.

Today (Saturday), I have barely done anything. A bit of cleaning, but apart from that I fell asleep in a chair in the backyard, then went indoors and slept some more. Met up with Alexander at seven-ish where we first went to some friends of him, then on to some friends of Alexander’s friend again. After a small detour to find useful things to drink out of, we settled down and had a good time. Got home and picked up Odin for a walk around half of downtown Oslo with Alexander, before he finally gave up finding the right place to meet a friend.

So far, a great weekend. Hoping dinner at Øystein’s and Ingvild’s tomorrow will be good too.

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