Unpacking boxes, and attending a confirmation
1 minute read

On Friday, Karianne’s sister and her fiance arrived. I also got my new computer. Really nice setup, which is very, very quiet and sweet, with two nice and shiny LCDs.

Saturday, we got a lot of stuff from Molde, by way of Karianne’s parents. Lots and lots and lots of boxes. We also bought some more shelves at IKEA, which I put up the same day and on Sunday. Karianne’s family (aunts and so on) dropped by to look at the apartment and say hi, which was nice, but luckily they left fairly quickly to avoid complete overcrowdedness in here.

Sunday was spent in Tonje’s (who I think is Karianne’s cousin once removed) confirmation. Nice ceremony (even though I’m not a fan of church rituals at all), and very nice party afterwards. I unpacked a few more boxes and put the doors onto one of the shelves when we got home, before catching a bit of relaxation and going to bed, just about now.

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