Going home
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Ubuntu Down Under is over and I am almost home. The wireless network was cut off on Saturday afternoon, then we all went on a bus ride around Sydney so we actually got to see places like the Opera. In the end, the bus dropped us off near a cinema and we all went to see “The Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”. I was very happy with the movie, it had the basic story of the first book in it while still being very seeable for people who hadn’t read the book too. The special effects were good and not drawn completely out of proportions. So in end: excellent movie. I think I’ll try to get Karianne with me to watch it too.

We then had a very nice meal at a nearby restaurant before taking the bus back to the hotel. Thom, Matthew, Fabio and I went to a pub in Kings Cross. Later, a few more people showed up and we had a good time before getting back to the hotel at about three in the morning.

Kings Cross is a strange place. It’s Sydney’s “Red Light District” so a fair amount of prostitutes, sex clubs, strip clubs and so on. However, unlike for instance Oslo’s red light district, the area wasn’t deserted or felt unsafe in any way. It was just weird and strange. There was a decent amount of regular bars, such as the bar we went to. Strange area.

My plane left at 1420, but Colin and I decided to go early, so we were at the airport around 1130. Nothing particularly fun happened there and my flight left on schedule. My flight out of Kuala Lumpur, however, was delayed by one hour. I was a bit nervous about the connection in Amsterdam, but it turned out I would end up with two instead of three hours for the transfer, something which is plenty.

Plane trip from KL to Amsterdam was boring, but I got to sleep a lot so I won’t complain. Had plenty of space with the seat next to me vacant so even though it was a 12 hour flight it wasn’t too bad.

Got a bit on IRC from Amsterdam and shopped a little bit around, but they were out of the blue toblerone (milk chocolate on the surface and white chocolate core). The girl behind the counter told me they might not be getting it again which I would consider a shame. That chocolate is good!

I’m currently approximately above Oslo somewhere and the plane is scheduled to touch down in a little less than an hour. It will be good to get back home to Karianne and my own bed.

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