Travelling to LCA and UDU, part 2.
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Second part of the trip went smoothly and was significantly shorter than I expected, only seven hours. Flight was uneventful except for the in-flight entertainment system being completely broken. I ended up spending half the trip listening to country music and the rest listening to easy listening. Food was good, but a little to little. Flight into Sydney about thirty minutes late, but I wouldn’t have stood a chance of making it for the final leg into Canberra anyhow with the ten-hour delay out of Amsterdam.

I had a nice experience at immigration when the customs officer asked what kind of conference I was going to, and replied “a Linux conference” he said something along the lines of “We’ve had a few of those lately”. Yay, you can actually say “Linux” to some completely random custom officer and even though he probably doesn’t have a clue what it’s about, he has at least heard the name.

Qantas was a lovely bunch of people and rebooked my ticket without any extra cost at all, so I’m right now on the bus from the international to the domestic termial. As a bonus, it seems like my X40 is just fine to use even with direct sunshine on the screen. And I have around three hours battery life left, after hacking most of the night.

Looking forward to getting into Canberra, get some food, a shower and a change of clothes. It’s warm here with 19 degrees C when we landed at 0645. I hope Canberra will be the same or thereabouts. I miss Karianne already too.

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