Travelling to LCA and UDU
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Just a long dinner nap the night before leaving for Australia, then no sleep until I was on the airport coach which left at 0500. Plane trip to Amsterdam went smoothly, as usual, but there the problems started. My flight out of Amsterdam was delayed ten hours, so instead of leaving at 1200, it left at 2200. I got to spend a whole day in Schiphol airport and was really tired of waiting and doing nothing when the flight finally took off, a bit late that too.

KLM screwed me a bit, first by not offering me food vouchers, which their own rules say they should (and they should actually offer them and not juts give them out when people ask for them). Then, since they couldn’t sell me inter-australian tickets, my ticket is only valid for going to Sydney, not the full way to Canberra. I had therefore bought a ticket from Sydney to Canberra, but KLM basically said “sorry, not our problem” when I told them about this. I wonder if the Qantas people will be good enough to reroute my ticket or give me a discount or something, since I doubt very much I’ll make it for my 0630 flight.

Apart from that, the travel was ok and it was actually better to fly in the evening than the morning, since I always sleep on planes and this got me to sleep through the night instead of sleeping a day and then being awake the next night. Food was unusually good, leg-room ok. Nice stewardesses and stewards. The in-flight entertainment wasn’t too good, since it wasn’t on-demand, just a bunch of different movies being played over and over. I got a pair of earphones with noise reduction in Amsterdam and they worked really, really well, both for hearing better and not being so tired of the airplane noise.

Now on to the next leg of the trip, actually crossing the equator.

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