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A long time since I blogged in the diary part of my blog. A lot of stuff has happened, most notably Karianne and I are now enganged (and have been for about three weeks). On Saturday, we finally got our rings after the jeweler had messed up twice: first they mispelt our names, then they wrote my name in my ring and Karianne in her ring, which is obviously wrong. This time, they got it right.

I’ve been working on securing the network here at home since some other person in the neighbourhood has taken to running peer-to-peer applications which kills my router (and my bandwidth). I don’t mind people using my network, but I do mind people abusing it. The setup is now a bridged OpenVPN and I’m going to set up a captive portal so people using my network will at least know the terms. If that doesn’t help, I can always limit the bandwidth or cut the connection off completely. I’m hoping to avoid the latter since I think having open wireless hotspots is a good thing for the community at large.

I was supposed to fix both ia32-libs and the mailman packages, but didn’t manage to get around to it. Hoping to do that tomorrow instead.

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