Fixing stuff and concert
2 minutes read

As most mornings lately, this morning was fairly slow. Got up, had breakfast and spent some time cleaning up the house. I decided to get my bike fixed as I left the house – the brakes have been terrible lately, the grips are falling apart and the seat has seen better days. In addition, the front gear shifter is really broken. I dropped by the bike shop and told them what needed to be fixed. The guy asked me when I needed it by and I said I wasn’t really in a hurry, but how long would it take? “Just drop by before 16:30 and it’ll be done.” Whow!

I had forgotten my USB keychain at home, so I decided to go to Samfundet and see if I was able to work from there. I wasn’t really and ended up trying to trace down some weird bugs in Evolution where it breaks royally on AMD64. I still need to work more on it, but I’ve gotten it down to just three version shifts now, at least.

Karianne and I were at the Nerd pizza, which was fairly quiet for once, then we went to Samfundet for a concert. It was good – surprisingly good. I also played a fair bit with my camera and did both some shots and videos. Hoping to blog a bit about that tomorrow or so, including som samples.

We ended up spending a few more hours at Samfundet before heading home and going to bed.

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