Hacking and network hacking
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The last week was spent hacking on gcc and binutils. Binutils was the simple one, it only took a couple of hours. Gcc has been less cooperative. I’m getting it beaten into shape, but it will probably take a few more days to actually work the right way. Which technically means I’m a bit late, but I’m not going to start worrying too much about that yet.

The weekend was relaxing, played a bit of games and read a bit. In addition, Karianne and I started on a 3000-piece jigsaw, which will take a little while to complete. It’s fun, though, and requires a lot more discipline than a 500-piece one. One actually has to sort the different pieces and assemble the picture bit by bit.

Today, I was at Samfundet, as usual. The network there has had hiccups for a long time, which is then fairly annoying. I researched a bit, talking to Stein, Jorunn, Tormod, Anders and Stein-Magnus. We are going to rework the network a bit, moving a switch from the southern part of the building to the network closet together with the other switches. This will hopefully mean the network will become more stable, as we will have a star of switches rather than a daisy-chain (and we will get rid of some old 3com switches which seem to be a bit unstable). We started working on that today, joining old and some new wires. It took a lot longer than I expected, but we’re almost there now, we just have a few more pairs to put up. I think we didn’t break much of the network either. Hopefully at least.

I’m getting loads of work done while still keeping my energy. It’s so good, even though being full of energy at past 0400 in the morning isn’t the best time of the day.

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