Home again
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Came home on Sunday evening. The bus trip from Molde was uneventful. I read a bit on the way home. Actually, I read most of Magnus’ diploma thesis on “expectation leadership” with the new hospital here in Trondheim as the case. Interesting read in a field which I don’t know much about. When I got home, I also discovered that I had switched neighbours. Seems to be a girl who is living next door now.

On Monday, I didn’t do much. Unpacked and washed some clothes. Talked to Anders about what I’m going to do this semester. Went to Karianne in the afternoon.

I was at the university on Tuesday, but didn’t really do much. Stayed late, worked on ubuntu stuff, since it was one of the last days for new upstream versions.

Wednesday, well, stayed at home. I was supposed to go to the ITK meeting, but didn’t since Karianne dropped by when she was downtown anyhow.

Today. (Or, yesterday, to be precise.) Woke up and saw a message from Sesse on IRC saying something about “changed apache setup, I don’t think I broke anything”. A little later, James Troup wondered where my blog had gone. I didn’t connect those two statements, but rather ran dmesg where I saw ugly “DMA timeout” errors. Eeek.

Went to samfundet after breakfast and started debugging. I found out that nothing seemed to have been lost, so I just took an extra backup to a spare drive and cold booted the system. Hopefully, it’s just some random flakiness somewhere and nothing to worry about. The box booted fine and is happy again now.

I dropped by the university to pick up a few games for Karianne. Ended up talking to Håkon until Asbjørn called me and wondered where I was, since we were to go climbing right afterwards. I jumped on my bike and went home, grabbing my stuff and then biking to the wall. Nice wall and though I’m very badly out of shape, it was good to climb again. Went home and was tired the rest of the evening, playing some games and fixing some more ubuntu bugs.

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