Busy, and hacking
1 minute read

Monday, I picked down one of the banners from the back side of Samfundet; it somewhere between 10 and 15 meters above the ground. It was raining a lot and quite windy, but fun nonetheless.

Tuesday was busy with presentations, counseling (for my project) and so on. I got a bit of work done on my R-tree assignment, though it’s not completely finished.

I spent most of today finishing up the project with Espen, which is now in good shape. I sincerely hate battery-powered tools like drills and dremels. They run out of juice when they shouldn’t, so I spent a lot more time with getting small M3 (3mm) nuts onto a M3 bar I cut into pieces and my hands are sore. Dropped by Samfundt and flashed all the boards with the latest kernel and ramdisk, and they should now behave properly. Went dancing, which was a bit slow, before heading home for a shower and bed.

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