Dancing again, PHP woes
1 minute read

Got up not too late this morning, ate some food with Karianne before I headed off. Looked around for a decent pair of rain trousers, but they were either too expensive or too big. Went to Samfundet, because I had to finish the Job Application system for UKA. Managed to, just about in time for some dinner with Karianne. ITK meeting, first a lecture session at the university, then a proper meeting at Samfundet.

I had to leave a bit early, as I was going dancing again. My skills were rusty, and I’m not comfortable yet, but it’s getting better. Fun, as usual.

Then, I went back to Samfundet, set up the system on one of UKA’s servers (after having spent a fair amount of time hacking and cracking (with permission!) my way through the configuration.

I ended up banging my head against PHP stupidity, like renaming of functions (pg_fetch_result is called pg_result in that version of PHP) and missing functions (pg_ping, pg_connection_status), resulting in me ripping away a fair bit of error-checking. I’m considering rewriting the system in Perl or Python or something.

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