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Wednesday was the first day with the new members at ITK at Samfundet. Nice meeting them. I got a bit of work done, working on the new “jobb applying system” for UKA (and Samfundet, and, I think, ISFiT. The old code is horrible, unreadable and broken in various and interesting ways. The new code is a lot better, though it is far from perfect. Got home at 0400, which I was a bit afraid of telling Karianne about, as I promised to not be in bed too late. Was in bed at about 0430. Got up at 0830 and attended my “Management of Large Data Volumes” class. Met up with an old friend of my brother’s (and mine, but he’s really my brother’s friend.) – he told me about some interesting projects he is working on over a cup of coffee.

Biked back to the university, where I met Karianne on her way out of a building with a large number of computers on a trolley. Evidently, they were being given to some school nearby, and a lot of volunteers had showed up to help moving them there. Anders (akai), Karianne and I walked to Anders’ place for dinner and then a movie, Kill Bill 1. Walked home afterwards, with my feet being tired.

Friday, I was a bit late for the smallest class I’ve ever been to, just four students and the professor (who isn’t a professor, but who cares?). We discussed a bit about ITIL, a way of managing IT organizations. Went to Steinar’s (Sesse) afterwards, where I started making food for the ITK party. Slept a bit on the couch, as I was really, really tired. At some point, people arrived, party ensued, beer, wine and spirits were consumed. Went to Samfundet afterwards, and people got drunk. Interesting, fun. Home at three or so. Tired, tired, tired.

I had a very interesting beer at the party. It was a beer I bought in Brazil called Malzbier. It was fairly dark and tasted like what you would get if you took Coca Cola and turned it into beer. It tasted a lot of caramel and was very sweet. A most strange kind of beer, but quite good.

Today, Saturday, Karianne and I were in “The Village”, the medieval village two hours from Trondheim. It was a day where people who aren’t volunteers are invited to see what we are doing there. We had a bit of fun, looking and playing with blunt but otherwise fairly authentic swords, some shows and archery. Karianne’s father and her grandfather drove from Molde to this place with some stuff for Karianne and her little sister (a monitor and a motherboard), and some stuff for the Village, namely two wood-burning stoves. Very nice, but fairly heavy.

Got home afterwards, ate som food and sat about, relaxing, sleepy and tired.

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