Start of week
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Monday, Karianne and I wandered about downtown looking for cheap ways to get to Venice. She later found some decent prices and we ordered. I got a bit of work done at the university, though unfortunately, not too much. Spent the evening at Samfundet, talking a bit with the new people there. Dropped by Bjørn-Ove on my way home and we discussed a bit with regards to food on Friday. It’ll be good (and fun). Got home, tired.

Tuesday, forgot my USB keychain at home, so I couldn’t check in any changes during the whole day. Icky. Had a lecture in the morning, then a meeting with Anders, where we discussed a bit how to go on with the project. Got a bit further on the project, but I feel it’s going very slowly. Had a lecture in maths again. Walked home with Karianne and ate dinner. Been working a bit on Canonical stuff, and setting up, a blog aggregator for people on an IRC channel I hang out on. Drop me a mail if you are there, blog and want to be on the planet.

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