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I was supposed to write this Sunday evening, but for various reasons, I didn’t. So there. Friday, I dropped by Omega Verksted, the electronics club at the university and bought an Atmel development board. I also got a few extra micro controllers. Played a bit around with them when I got home, except that I could not get the board working. I tested my board with Kristian Barek’s power supply, and then it worked perfectly. Measured my power supply, and instead of delivering 12V, it delivered 5.25V. Fixed that up, and the board ran along happily.

Saturday, I worked a bit on ia32-libs, don’t remember much else that happened, I think I slept a bit. Sunday was a slow day, much sleeping, some work. Saw “Garfield” at the movies with Karianne, a nice movie, but a bit too much according to the book, so it wasn’t really surprising in any ways.

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