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Saturday, I woke up a bit before my alarm went off (which was very nice), had some breakfast (at first alone, before I discovered fabbione and a guy whose name I tend to forget. Fabio and I took a taxi to the bus station, I had to run off in order to find some post cards (which meant we just missed the first bus, but caught a later one).

The bus trip was uneventful (as expected), then we got to Heathrow. Checking in, security check, passport check. Boring stuff, but it takes a bit of time. Shopped a bit of alcohol and some chocolate, got some food together with fabbione and window-shopped a bit. Got Karianne a flying warthog. Plane took a while to take off, and the trip to Oslo then further on to Trondheim was boring. I’m sick and tired of airports and such.

It was very nice to get home. Karianne had completely cleaned my whole apartment while I was gone. I was amazed, but very, very happy. She’s a great woman and I love her a lot. She had also made dinner, some soup, for us. Again, very nice.

Her parents came visiting a few hours later. Nice, but I was fairly tired and had trouble concentrating, so I ended up fixing up small issues around my place. We went up to Karianne’s for sleeping.

Woke up there and had a long and lazy morning, before I headed off to Samfundet, at about 1500. Talked a bit with people and helped man the IT committee part of the tour. Afterwards, I bought some food for Karianne and me before heading home for a game of Munchkin with her, Marianne, Per and Jens Ådne. Nice game, but both Karianne and I were tired, so we didn’t play for too long, “only” a couple of hours.

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