Last day of Canonical conference -- barking up the wrong tree
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Today was the last day of the Canonical conference. Morning was as usual, except that Daniel was up a bit before me. I got to move rooms, so I did that after breakfast. Chatted a fair bit with Karianne while I was waiting for gcc-3.4, gcc-3.3 and ia32-libs to compile. It looks like I was barking up the wrong tree about ia32-libs for most of yesterday and a fair bit today, but it should be sorted out now.

The conference was rounded up a bit after 1700, and we went out, first for some beer, then food, then dancing. It was really nice to be dancing again; I’ve missed it, and it’s great fun. My endurance is extremely bad at the moment, and I haven’t drunk enough water, so I sweated like a pig, but it was fun nonetheless. Took a cab back with Mark, Lulu, Fabbione and Jane. Shower, then bed.

The food took a while to arrive, so even though we did not end up in a food fight per se (we didn’t really have any food), we tried to poison jdub by way of throwing black pepper into his hot chocolate. He blew out the candle multiple times and stuck a flower upside-down in my glass. It was a long and weird meal, I think everybody was very tired and therefore acted as if they were on speed, crack or other kinds of drugs.

It’ll be godo to be back in Norway tomorrow: missing Karianne, missing actually speaking a language which I don’t stumble around when speaking and hoping to get on with all I have to do.

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