Productive Thursday at the Canonical conference
1 minute read

Today has been very productive. As usual, I woke up fairly early. Breakfast, then off to work. Worked on getting AMD64 up and running, with amd64-libs, ia32-libs. In addition, my last upload of php4 broke it, so I got to fix it this morning. Fairly easy, but still a bit of work to track down what actually went wrong.

In the afternoon, Fabbione, Mako and some other people went off to the pool. We relaxed a bit, was in the steamer and the sauna as well, which was really, really nice. Afterwards, I was dragged into the game of Mao. A fun game which was fairly quick to get into but still a very interesting and fun game. I think I have to spread it around when I get back to Trondheim. One of the basic facts of the game is that you are not allowed to explain the rules, you just play.

I’m missing Karianne, she’s missing me, and I’m really looking forward to getting back to Trondheim and having her close by again, even though it’s fun and interesting to be around here, learning stuff from people and discussing how to make warty happen.

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