Canonical conference, Tuesday
1 minute read

Woke up just before Daniel Silverstone’s alarm went off this morning, at approximately 0730. Breakfast, then a small meeting before I fixed up some work left over from yesterday. We had an AMD64 BOF and after that, a DBUS/HAL BOF, both of them productive. Managed to work a bit more before lunch, starting on a fairly big branding project. That went on until a Security BOF, then continued afterwards until a bit after dinner.

It’s very nice to be here, talking with people, getting useful work done and so on. I miss Karianne a fair bit, but we chat a lot on ICQ, which helps (though, it also makes me miss her more). I’m fairly tired from working a 14 hour day, but it’s also fun.

As I got back to the room, I discovered we actually have a nice, working wireless connection in here, even though Daniel claimed we did not. Vawad seems to be in a bit of pain, both due to the apache 2 transition in unstable and due to ext3 not handling file systems with large number of links too well. I’m running fsck and so on now, and she should be fine fairly quickly, I hope.

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