Getting back to Trondheim, work and sickness
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I’m finally back in Trondheim, took the train on Wednesday morning. The trip was fairly uneventful, I hacked a bit and slept a bit. Had a nice evening with Karianne, who arrived here Tuesday. I’m not really sure what I did on Thursday, but I think I mostly did housecleaning tasks (on my computer of course) and unpacked a lot of stuff. I also began doing a bit of work for Canonical, nothing I can say particularly much about yet, but it’s fun.

On Friday, I managed to become very, very sick. Flu or something which meant my whole body ached and I had an absolutely terrible headache. Trondheim is quite hot at the moment, right now, at 00:39, it’s about 19 degrees outside. Friday, I was fairly comfortable indoors under a duvet and a few blankets.. so I had a bit of fever as well.

Saturday, I was much better, after a horrible night where I couldn’t sleep fore more than a few hours at a time. Karianne was a great comfort, though. I was at the compulsory meeting for next weekend’s LARP, which was ok, but I felt I shouldn’t stay in the shadow for too long. Got home afterwards, worked a bit more and managed to eat some food.

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