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For the first time this summer, I’d had a few days of vacation. Not the semi-vacation-looking-a-bit-like-it stuff at GUADEC, but a real vacation. The bus trip from Oslo to Arendal took a couple of hours and was fairly uneventful, except for the fact that both the air conditioning unit in the bus was broken and the heater was on. When the sun was shining outside, it got fairly hot. Lars and Magni met me downtown and we had to get some ice cream and something to drink while we waited for Anders to show up. A chocolate shop was visited and we bought some delicious strawberries dipped in white chocolate. Yummy! Went to the cabin where we ate and sat around discussing until it was time to go to bed. A very nice evening. I also got the chance to taste some of the beer from “The naked island”, a local brewery which has recently gotten nation-wide coverage in the press due to both them unsettling the near-monopoly of Ringnes, and (more important) their excellent beer.

Thursday, it was rainy and a bit cold. We decided to head to the nearby town, Tvedestrand, which has declared itself a “book town”. This comes down to their wide selection of used book shops. Magni found a few books, so did Anders. I wasn’t really looking for anything, and so found nothing which interested me enough to buy. We ate out in Arendal at a place resembling “Ni muser” in Trondheim – it’s some kind of a art cafe. Afterwards, we saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner from Azkaban. It came about as expected, quite ok, but not exactly the books, and a bit different due to the constraints put on a film.

Friday, I was originally scheduled for leaving for Lillesand and the Lindeberg family, but I was offered to stay the night, meet Gro(ooo) and be driven to Lillesand the next day. We didn’t do so much, I read quite a bit of “The Eyre Affair”, a science fiction novel. Interesting book. Gro (and her dog, Demi) came in the evening and we went out to a local bar which was rumored to have more of the good beer. I got to taste one of the ones I by then hadn’t, leaving only a Triple, two Christmas beers and a Weissbier.

Magni and Anders drove me to Lillesand on Saturday, and after a while, I managed to meet up with Tor-Egil, we ate a bit of ice-cream before heading off to Kalvøen. It was an excellent party lasting for a long time and it was very nice talking to everybody again.

Sunday morning was horrible as I was tired from last night and I had barely gotten out of bed before I had to head off to catch a bus to Larvik and Karianne. The neighbour was boating into Lillesand town center anyway, so I hitchhiked with him, then caught a taxi from there to the bus stop (as it didn’t leave from the town center, and this being a Sunday, no other buses were going). As I got onto the bus, I discovered it didn’t really go to Larvik, so I had to get Karianne to pick me up a bit farther. It was very nice seeing her again, after her full week in London.

Monday has been a lazy day, mostly just lying about in the sun and bathing a bit in the pool. We saw “King Arthur” in the evening, after a good dinner. Excellent weather. I realize I’ve been missing Karianne a lot and even though she’s heading off for Molde tomorrow, I’m glad we’ve had a few days together.

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