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Mondays are usually terrible days. You wake up too early and get drowsy into work and don’t get anything done because it’s all wrong. Today wasn’t like that – I slept until I woke by myself, which is usually a good start. Then, I took the tram to work, which is even better, as I read a bit on the way to work. Good, nice, thing.

Got a bit of work done today, though not too much.. Administrative overhead. :/

Got home and helped move the construction platform used for painting the house from the east to the north side of the house. Fun, though a bit of heavy work, which I mostly enjoyed. Got back in and fixed up a bug fix for the chicken-on-amd64 problem which blocked swig. Nice, and kudos to the upstream maintainer.

Ended up sitting about with my father, Silje and Vigdis for a few hours, chatting about a lot of things, which was nice. Also some serious discussions, though not too many. Missing Karianne, but I got an SMS from her today, she still seems to be doing well.

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