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Karianne left on early Friday morning; her trip seems to have gone well – I have got a few text messages from her, and she talked to me on IRC while I was on my way back home.

I’ve spent too much of the weekend in front of a computer screen – some work, a lot of IRC-ing, some flames on debian-devel. Nothing much really, in some ways it has been a boring weekend, yet, it’s been nice to be able to do exactly the things I wanted.

I was at the movies with Anne and Rune on Friday, we saw a terrible Swedish film from 1970. It was supposed to be a classic, but it was far too slow-moving and predictable to be any fun. Seeing Anne and Rune was really pleasant, I haven’t talked to either of them for ages. (That’s a bit of a lie, as I have talked to Rune at least a couple of times in Trondheim, but we don’t meet too often).

Saturday, I finished needling (is that the term?) my coat for the LARP in August. It’s looking really good, and I look forward to playing. It will be fun, fun, fun.

On Sunday, I was kinda bored of being at home, so I headed to work. Got a bunch of work done, including at least installing and beginning to configure the new firewall. Also, I replaced the fan in the PSU (from a 34dBA one to a 15dBA one) and lowered the speed of my CPU fan a little. I really need to make that fan controller I have been talking about for too long. Amund has promised to help me with it now, so I am having a tiny hope that we’ll get something done before I leave for Arendal on Wednesday, though we’ll see.

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