Sickness and such.
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It was nice getting back after GUADEC, seeing Karianne again. I had missed her a lot; we’re not used to not being together. Thursday was was her birthday, so I got her some roses, a bottle of sparkling wine and a card (since her present is a bit heavy to carry around, so she’ll just get it when we come to Trondheim). Went to Bodil’s were we had a good time and watched “Love Actually”. I’ve seen it once before and loved it a lot then. It’s a very sweet and cozy film.

On Friday, Bodil and Eirik threw a small party. It had rained a lot during the day, so we didn’t barbecue (as we had planned to), but had a good time nonetheless. HÃ¥kon came by and we talked a bit – he’s an interesting person to talk to.

Saturday morning, Karianne woke me up. She had severe pains in her stomach so we ended up taking a cab to the hospital. After a bit of waiting and such, she got diagnosed with gallstones. Icky, icky, icky. She got a bit more medication, which then caused her to relax a bit more and at some point the pain went mostly away and we took a taxi back to Bodil’s. Slept a bit more.

We were supposed to eat lunch with my mother, but I had to cancel that. Then I called my father and got him to pick us up, which, after a short discussion, he agreed to. Got home, placed Karianne in the sofa while I helped erect a construction tower (stillas).

Sunday, we slept most of the day, which was really, really nice. Karianne was still a bit sick, which was not so nice. Monday, I was home for a few hours between work and moving the servers. Also, crashed into bed Tuesday morning at about 0800 and slept until 1230.

I visited Karianne in the evening, she was mostly fine, in a bit of pain but not really bad. More bored, it seemed. Went home and ate prawns with my father, Vigdis and Stein. Nice.

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