GUADEC started.
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I haven’t blogged in my diary for some days, I haven’t had the time or taken the effort when I’ve gotten back from work or being out with Karianne. I’ve had a good but exhausting week, mostly courtesy of work. We were out DDR-ing on Thursday, and I briefly visited Arcon at Blindern on Friday, saying “Hi” to Karianne before heading home and starting to pack.

Saturday morning, I took the train to Kristiansand. Nice trip, fairly uneventful. I finished “The Da Vinci Code” on the way – a very nice and interesting crime novel. Also, I begun hacking a bit on the Debian packaging of Rekall, but there’s still lots of work left there.

When I arrived at the train station, I called Sonja, who is coordinating the housing at GUADEC, and she drove down and picked me up. I got a small tour on campus and also in the gym where we’re staying for the first night. Dropped off my luggage. As I got back on campus, I nearly ran into Matthew Garrett, so we ended up sitting about updating each other on what had happened lately, and he helped me with a few problems with my laptop, namely the broken ACPI stuff. My laptop is now able to suspend, resume, suspend, resume. Yay.

Matthew, Scott (James Remnant) and I went out eating, fairly good food, but a bit too little of it. Walked back to the college where a bunch of people were waiting. Took the bus to the school, organized things a bit, then started on the first fire-watch. Nothing much has happened, and I’ve been able to hack a bit, both on Rekall and on my IMAP folder status thingy, which might end up evolving into a MUA.

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