Playing RPG again
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Woke up by my alarm clock at about 08:30. A bit tired after yesterday, since I ended up going to sleep a bit after I intended to. I blame “The Da Vinci Code”, a really nice and interesting book. Went to work fairly quickly and skipped breakfast (since we have such excellent lunches at work, and I really don’t do breakfasts, I’ve found out). After work, I went to Bodil and Eirik’s where we first made some dinner. After dinner, the fire alarm in the whole building went off, so we went outside. After we had discovered it wasn’t a real fire, I turned the bells of and reset the whole system.

We then played a role-playing game called Romance in which the players are debutants in a 1600-century Spanish setting and you are to find the love of your life and manage to marry her (or him). Very fun, and it was nice to play again. I don’t remember the last time I played at all, I think it’s about six or seven years ago. Karianne was the game master, and she did quite well. It took a while to get used to playing, since the exact words you use are important, you say the words your player utters, not just “I ask him about foo”. Still fun.

Biked home afterwards, a really nice 35 minute trip in the somewhat, but not really cold summer night. I had some very nice views of Oslo on my way, and it was good to be out really biking again, just going to work and back again is a bit too short.

All in all, a quite full day.

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