Lazy weekend
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The weekend was spent being lazy, mostly. Karianne and I started off trying to edit some video on Friday, but most of the old equipment which I had managed to lay my hands on was disassembled, and I didn’t manage to assemble it in time. Shame, but we’ll give it another try on Wednesday.

Saturday, we slept in for a long time. It was so nice to be able to sleep a bit again. We were to go to a shrimp-eating party Saturday evening, with my father and Vigdis. Gro (an old friend of my father’s, and the mother of one of my friends) took us with her to the party. It ended up being a very nice party with lots of food and fun people.

Sunday, we slept a bit more before going back to Oslo again. Once there, we slept even more and ate a bit of food. Slow, slow day, which I found most excellent. As I had borrowed Steinar’s camera for about a week, we went to his place and gave it back. I found it quite nice to go for a walk in the evening like that, but I think Karianne got a bit tired, as it is a fair distance to walk.

Today, Monday, it rained dogs and cats, so we both took the subway downtown, I going into the office, while Karianne headed off for IKEA. After work, I got dragged down to the local pub with a few workmates, so we had a few beers there before I had to go to my little sister’s for some dinner. Anja dropped me a text message a bit before I left, wondering if I could pick up a corkscrew. It took a while, but I managed, arriving fashionably late (I’m an academic), meeting up with Karianne just outside the door.

Anja had made some great food, and we had a nice time before we had to go back home; Karianne to Bodil’s and I to my father’s. To cap off the night, we ended up having discussions for a while, probably a bit too late for Vigdis. Nice evening.

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