Back in Oslo
1 minute read

Last night, I went to bed a bit late. Since I was going to pack before heading off to Oslo today, I decided to not sleep much. My alarm clock helped me at that. Woke up, packed, packed, packed. I managed to bring a huge amount of stuff down south, I just hope I’ve managed to pack the important things and forget the unimportant ones.

The train trip was fairly uneventful, and it was nice having power there, so I could hack and play around the whole trip. My father met me at the train station and drove home, just pausing by the workplace to drop off my computer.

Once home, I had some cake and after that beer. We ended up staying up and discussing life, the universe and everything. It was nice talking to my dad again, it’s been a while. Not really missing Karianne yet, though I’m looking forward to her coming to Oslo next week.

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