Back in Trondheim
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e’m back in Trondheim now. The plane trip was long and fairly uneventful. I slept a bit, but not too much. I almost missed Karianne and Magni, who were waiting for me at the airport. It was nice to see them both again, and especially Karianne. I’ve missed her a lot.

Got home and ate some food before we went to bed. We also talked a lot and I unpacked a lot of my stuff into the living room, which Karianne had cleaned up while I was gone.

My Peace Lily was a sad sight, lots of leaves hanging down and it looked more or less dead. (This was due to a misunderstanding, so Karianne hadn’t watered them while I was away.) After a few days of care it became a lot happier and is now more or less back to its normal self again.

Monday was mostly spent resting and talking with Karianne. We bought a new backpack for her (her birthday present) and she found a good one which seemed both sturdy and comfortable. On our way home, we bought a couple of milkshakes which were closer to slushy ice cream than milkshakes. We bought some chicken and food on the way home to my place and ate that before going to bed.

Tuesday, it was my birthday, so I got lots of “congratulations” messages on IRC, email, SMS and so on. Very nice. We ate dinner at Magni and Anders’ place in the afternoon and stayed until a little after twelve before going home again. A very nice evening.

Wednesday, I bought train tickets to Oslo. Karianne and I played around with her swords a bit and made scabbards for them so I’ll have less of a chance to damage them when going to Oslo. Also picked up yiwaz again, which is now in good shape again. Very, very nice. As a final bonus, I found out I passed my Physics course today, so I won’t have to think about that this summer.

The last few days have been going slowly and have been spent together with Karianne. We’ve had a good time, and my body is recovering fast from the long flight and the semester. I’m looking forward to getting to Oslo again.

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