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It’s been a while since I blogged last time, time is passing so fast down here.

I didn’t sleep properly between Friday at noon and Sunday night (Brazilian time, so, something like Monday morning European time). Really plays games with your head, not sleeping much, only nap, nap, nap, nap.

It’s been fantastic to be back and meeting old people again and making new friendships. Also, getting a face and filling out a person from what one percieves on IRC is interesting. The talks have been good and well spaced, so we have had time for hacking and chatting as well.

I’ve been busy with hacking and talking about dpkg and apache, as well as thinking about my talk with Matt Taggart and multiarch in general. People seem to kind-of like the idea of multiarch, but are a bit reluctant to actively support the idea.

The conference is now at the end, and people are packing up the computers and have started to leave. It’s a bit sad, and I’ll be missing all the cool and fun people.

I’m also missing Karianne a lot, though we chat on IRC much. The time zone difference makes it a little bit harder, but not that much. It’s more that I miss actually seeing her and the hugging and kissing and being near her, which are things that IRC doesn’t do too well.

My laptop has been acting up all the time, but I was lucky enough to borrow Mako’s keyboard (actually, I got it from somebody else, and Mako didn’t know, and I didn’t know that it was his, but he found it and things were fine).

I’ll be around for a few more days, and see a bit more than the insides of a conference center. Will be fun and interesting, I hope.

Last night, we were out eating, some fairly traditional food and drinking. It was really fun, I got a bunch of caipirinha, which seems to be lime, lots of sugar and loads of vodka or something. Quite good, and goes to your head. Ended up playing cards until six in the morning.

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