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I woke up, at least I think so. It’s a bit hard to remember, considering it is getting close to 48 hours since. Friday was mostly spent trying to pack. I can’t remember such inefficency. At some point, I decided it was enough packing. Ate a late lunch with Karianne, then we went DDR-ing. It was fun, and I managed a lot better than last time, even though it was a tad harder than I managed at times.

Went back home, where I made pasta for dinner. Quite good. Knut Auvor dropped by and lent a book on GUI design. Karianne stayed until about two o’clock and we had a really good time. Saying goodbye took a while, even though it’s just a week.

I worked a bit on various small projects (like compiling and finding music for stepmania). Took the bus to the airport at 0450, and saw the very, very beautiful sunrise on the way to the bus stop. Managed a nap on the bus. The plane didn’t leave until more than an hour after I arrived at the airport, so I read a bit while waiting. The plane trip to Amsterdam was crowded and uneventful. (It helped that I slept most of the way.)

Went through most of the shops at Sciphol and also verified that they are open on next Sunday, when I return. Apart from browsing the shops, I didn’t do much; listened to music and read a bit more, almost finishing “Nightwatch” by Terry Pratchett.

The plane to Sao Paulo, was big and fairly comfortable. I could have been spared of 16-or-so year olds, but you don’t get to pick your travelmates. Watching movies in the backs of plane seats suck, and they are made for people 15 cm shorter than I am. My neck hurts now.

I flew with KLM and am fairly satistified with them. Nice stewrdesses, good and decent amounts of food. If I get to choose next time, they have a plus in my book at least. Managed to nap a bit as well.

The night was spent in Sao Paulo airport, a fascinatingingly boring place at night. Played some stepmania and slept a bit. The combination of no external light and me being tired made me end this log entry as we took off from Sao Paulo.

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