Vacation.. finally.
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(Sorry if any of this doesn’t make too much sense; I’m a bit drunk now and therefore unable to spell anything correctly) Woke up, went to have an exam in software architecture. It went fairly well, though I’m never to sure until I get the results back. Afterwards, I went downtown with Agnes (and Bjørn Ove) and ate some ice cream there. Went back to Samfndet afterwards, when I phoned IBM. It seemed they thought they had fixed the problem. I was a bit sceptic (they claimed it was a foreign RAM chip which was the problem). Picked up my laptop out at IBM’s place and was unable to reproduce the problem there.

Got to Samfundet, with my mother calling along the way, then biking back home (still, phone in my hand). She was fine, and I told her I was likewise. Went up to Karianne’s for a few pancakes (I also began fixing my laptop, which had suffered a severe root partition failure. After hanging about with her for a while, I biked down to the local microbrewery. Had a few beers there with a bunch of ITK-ers. Ended up convincing Gunhild she had to go to Samfundet for a few more beers. We ended up walking over to her place and talking for an hour or two before I biked home, trying to kill myself twice in the process. First, the chain wasn’t fastened to the crank and the driving apparatus, so I managed to fall on by back. On my back home, my bike slipped and I hit the ground… Luckily not too hard, though.

Got home at closer to 0400, then went to bed, hoping for Karianne to have a decent exam in a few hours.

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