It's been a few days..
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It’s been a few days since I blogged.. mostly because I forget before I go to bed, so I’m catching up again now.

Last Saturday, I had an exam in the System Administration course. Enough work to do, but quite interesting nonetheless. Played transport tycoon for most of the rest of the day. Ate dinner at Sesam together with Øyvind (oyving) and Lars (larseie), ended up hanging about at PVV until ten o’clock or so, discussing old computer games with the two of them and Stig (Hemmer).

Sunday morning, Thomas came down and we went to “The Village”, a middle age village a group of people is rebuilding about halfway to Røros. Ingunn (Khi) was also there. Nice trip, and we had a lot of fun in the village, fixing up stuff. (Moved a table, secured the covers we had around a disassembled house, began fixing up some rusted oven parts which had been left out last winter.) Karianne came home in the evening and we had a nice meal before going to bed.

Monday, I slept long and picked up Karianne’s notes for her Data structures & Algorithms class (she had lent them away) and booted vawad with a new kernel and on UPS. Nothing much happened, I think.

Tuesday, I was out drinking beer with Stine. Karianne couldn’t sleep, so I went to her place at about 0300. She managed to sleep a bit after a while, but was really, really tired on Wednesday. I ate dinner with Øystein and Ingvild which was nice, and Ingvild gave me a haircut. Went to a meeting about the LARP in August (Blodrand), had a couple of beers before heading home. Some of the others are going to fix up clothing on Saturday, so Ingunn borrowed my sewing machine. Went up to Karianne’s, where she had really, really cleaned and tidied the place. She was also a lot better, though tired. Stayed around there for a couple of hours before heading home. Also, I called IBM at some point during Wednesday and discovered they had sent my mainboard to Bergen instead of Trondheim. Hopefully, I’ll have yiwaz back before leaving for Brazil, it sounded like I should have her back today when I talked to the IBM technician.

Got a bit too little sleep, like I always do before exams, probably just a bit tense. Will be interesting to see how it goes. Anyhow, it’s summer vacation in less than six hours.

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