Another day..
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Mostly just another day. Woke up at about 0930, ate some breakfast. Karianne left for Molde today, so she got down to my place and I walked her to the bus. Got home, and Tore and Kristian (Barek) came over and picked up Hanne’s old sofa and her fridge, so now I have plenty of space in my living room again.

Went to a Q&A session in the system administration class, it wasn’t too eventful, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Went down to Samfundet afterwards, talked a bit with people and such, and there was a meeting where we decided to build a new building on the land behind the house, which is really, really good. People have been talking about doing that for about fifty years, so it was about time..

Drunk a few beers to celebrate and talked with Øystein and Magne. Interesting enough discussions. Got home, hacked around a bit on IRC and worked a bit on multiarch, including uploading a new glibc, which decided to disappear.

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