Fixing stuff
2 minutes read

Woke up, ate breakfast, as usual. Since I had gotten the receipt for my laptop, I decided to head off to the service centre. Of course, they weren’t interested in it there, but started diagnosing it. It’s a warranty repair, so it’s free for me. Took the bus back again and headed up to PVV. There, I made a summary of the different options I have for a non-technical subject this fall, and I have absolutely no idea what to choose. That took most of the time I had before I was to meet up with Anders (anchr) for a project meeting. It was fairly productive and I got a bit of direction and have started thinking.

Afterwards, I headed up to Karianne’s. We went food shopping and ordered a pizza which we just had time to consume before I had to head off again for yet another meeting, this time at Samfundet. Discussed data structures and such for the work system for UKA05. Ended up hacking multiarch stuff until too late in the night; tormodg was nice enough to drive me home, so I didn’t have to walk.

Multiarch is really coming into shape now, even though we’re just doing stuff on i386 so far. Glibc is a huge package and I’ve restarted hacking it, but it’s possible to overcome the difficulties and it will work out well in the end. Found and fixed a few bugs in libogg and libvorbis; we have a bunch of work to do for fixing all the libs in the archive.

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