Happy birthday, Norway
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Most of yesterday was spent hacking glibc. It’s slowly getting there, even though it’s a lot of work, and the debug cycles often takes a few hours. It’s kinda fun, though, since because it’s hard it gets satisfying once it works. It’s not just a technical experience and challenge, but also a social one. Having to explain how this is to work, check it against reality, adjust the plans and so come up with a working solution.

Karianne and I were at Bjørn Ove’s (and Agnes’) for a great dinner. It was very, very nice. Karianne was very tired so she took the bus home and I biked up as well, just passing by home to grab my stuff. I got a bit scared, but she managed to calm down and get in control again. We watched a movie afterwards; “The thing called love”. Nice movie, but I was very tired so I think I need to see the film once more.

Woke up at about 09:30. We headed down to the fortress for a small picnic; the weather was still nice then. Talked a little with the different people there, even though I don’t know most of them. Karianne and I headed down to my place to unload most of the picnic equipment (and since her shoes were painful, she borrowed a pair of mine. At bit too bit, but at least her feet stopped hurting so much).

We watched the citizen parade and happened to meet Bjørn Ove and Agnes today as well, and got invited over to theirs for some hot chocolate. (It rained and was windy, else ice cream would have been more proper.) Agnes drove us home afterwards, and Karianne and I slept a bit and talked before she had to go home at some point, being tired and wanting to spend a little time at her own place.

I ended up using most of the night hacking glibc, cleaning it up fairly nicely. I also discussed a bit on IRC with Keybuk and maswan on how to make libtool work together with multiarch, and it seems like we found a fairly sane solution (which to be fair requires /etc/ld.so.conf to include /lib/$(gcc -dumpmachine) and /usr/$(gcc -dumpmachine)/lib, but that’s something I can live with, at least for a while.

Tired, but fairly happy that multiarch is moving forward now.

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