Glibc hacking
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Like Magni, I suck at blogging regularly. It doesn’t get better when Karianne stays here, since then I don’t want to sit in front of the computer when heading for bed. I wonder how to solve this in some reasonable way.

Yesterday, I hacked glibc, ate pizza with a bunch of fellow geeks (and discussed my fall project with Anders). Karianne and I went to see “Troy” afterwards. Went home and slept.

Today, not too much happened. Fixed up my machine a bit, wiring up the four front USB ports and replacing my Plextor CD-ROM (SCSI) with a Plextor DVD-ROM (IDE) (since the x86_64 kernel seems to have trouble when transferring large amounts of data through my SCSI card). I checked out some parts for swords and DDR mats, but found very little. Went up to Karianne’s afterward, and we looked around for a piece of furniture for my living room (a “sjenk” (which Magni later told me is called sideboard in English.), I have no idea what that is in English)

Went back and made some dinner. Agnes came over and we talked for a while, which was nice. She had to leave before we could sew anything, though. I made holes in two soles for Karianne and ate some ice cream before leaving at about ten o’clock.

Went home and hacked a bit more on glibc, it seems to fail in strange ways because the _errno glibc 2.0 compat symbol is gone, and I have no idea how to track it down. It also helps that each recompile takes a few hours..

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